rhan small ernst----sound artist / filmmaker

TOUCH TOUCH PUBLISHING with Juliet Small Ernst


I-40 Soundworks

environmental sound & music installation group



www.tapecase.net (2008)

            Ongoing online series of short films created for the web

biagi: works in tar (2006), Writer/Director/Editor

            Short film; 30 min

M. Durazo (remembering the sum of all things (2006), Writer/Director/Editor

            Short film; 20 min


ideas for a movie (2005), Writer/Director/Editor

            Independent feature; 75 min

Composer for Film                               

  1.    Pretty Bird (2008), Hollywood, CA; original score and sound textures

Sound Design for Music and Film


Mark Mothersbaugh and Mutato Muzika, Hollywood, CA

•    Thirteen (2003); credited sound design for music

  1.    Quid Pro Quo (2006); credited sound design for music

began designing music playlists

for the contemporary design store DIVA in West Hollywood


worked in sales of fine art & design with DIVA & CAPPELLINI

2000 to 2003

worked as a recordist in post production

with Wilshire Stages in Beverly Hills

1999 to 2000

moved to Los Angeles


founded tapecase with Sylvia Bognar & Xtevion


composed soundworks and music for Alban Elved Dance Company

1995 to 1998

founded artist/ film group 3 People

with Sylvia Bognar & Victor Faccinto   

1990 to 1999

born in a botanical garden in Chapel Hill NC

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